Summer Solstice 

Summer Solstice! 

    What an exciting time in our community as Norse, Heathen, Pagan, Wiccians, and nearly everything else under the sun.

    A Time of more new life, and unity. Bon fires, friends, family, and more. 

This Summer Solstice was sincerely the first one I actuallly got to celebrate. 

    First! I had the honnor of being a part of one of my closest friendls wedding! It was Zelda theme, and it was the bomb-dig-ity. Loads of fun!

  After The Wedding I saw that another of one of my close friends is finally pregnant! Her Husband was an usher in the wedding too!

    Such a fun day!  Wedding, to new little families. A Good start to the Summer Solstice!

 Then! The time I had been waiting for!

    Our fellow Vikings threw a party for one of our brothers!  Another exciting time during the Summer Solstice! 

 I got to be in my relam in Viking garb! 
So That is always fun!I love getting to use our Wedding drinking horns for celebrations! Mr. Fox and I were very much in the realm with our horns. 

   I Also get to be Mr. Fox’s Valkyrie, so that is always an honor as well. 
 The celebration place was absolutley amazing as always! Pool side with drinking horns, and a bon fire! Can’t get any better than this!

TTo begin the Summer Solstice celebration party, Jeremy, And his family, began with fire. Jeremy Lit the way for his family into the woods for the bon fire. He lead he family with the gods. It was soo beautiful. 

 Such a perfect family. 

Every good omen was present that night. 

Odin’s Crows,

Light mist,

Clear night with Stars,

And then my absolute favorite, bright green meteor, and shooting stars. 


 I love this family of mine, viking, buhdists, pagan, heathan family. I would’nt trade them for anything.

Did I metion we all work together? Cops, Fire Fighters, Medics, all together. A Family in every realm.

I love it so. 

Learning to Like Myself, and to be by Myself. Part 1

This past Satuday, I was by myself. 

  I was off work all day, and Mr. Fox was working a 24 hour shift for his ambulance service. So, that means that he leaves 6 am one morning, and does not come back untill 6 am the next morning. 

By myself, for nearly 35 hours… 

 What do you do?

Luckily! Mr. Fox had encouraged me to spend the day with my self.

SO! I did. ( Ladies, if you have a wise husband, that truly does take care of you, wheather you realize it or not, listen to him. Hang on his every words.)

 Did I like this idea? 

No…. no really. 

I hate being by myself. 

So I trusted my Husband. Sucked it all up. Remembered that I am Viking, and can stand on my own. ( Again, due to my Viking Husband’s encouragement) and made a list of things to keep my mind, body, and spirit busy, getting to know me.

I woke up at 8 am that morning, worked out, drank my tea and coffee. And went out on my Adventure. First? Sip and Shop across the street at Essential Frills. 

  A beautiful, cute little boutique.  I love that little place. The girls there helped me find a cute girl outfit to match my ivory cowgirl boots. I love it. After that exciting, adveture I felt very accomplished. A new outfit that made me feel like a girl!! Since I’m generally in fire uniforms, I was excited to feel feminine again. 

 Next Stop! Michales for more things to make more birthday presesnt for the many upcoming birthdays in our family. Plenty of lava beads, turqoise, and purple shale. So excited. I do love making things for others. Makes me feel like I made a difference, and used my hands to make others happy. 

   While checking out at Micahels, Mr. Fox calls me. His voice still gives me butterflies.  I love him so much. ” Hey! Whatcha doing?” Again, more buttereflies ” Nothing, at Michales. You?” ” Awe, good!Well there is some kind of festival here in Maumelle on the lake! Come see what it is and update me on the adventure!” One of the many things I love about Mr. Fox. He has always encouraged my adventures.

 So I made my way back home to go investigate what was happening. 

  Food trucks! Team tents! Games! Music! All on the Lake! 

 I love food trucks. The idea is just so cool to me. I dont know why, but it is. 

Driving forever to find a parking spot, my eyes divert to a colorful poster. ” Dragon boat festival, and races!” 

YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!  How much more Viking can you get? Grantide its more Japanes, and Chinese than Viking, but I got a kick out of how they still row to the beat of the drumer on the boat. 

 I found myself a cheese burger, a nice shaded grassy spot, and chilled out to watch the races. I’ve never seen them done, so the whole ordeal was pretty cool to me. 

  After about 30 minutes of  the humidity, I had decided to make my trek back to the car. Nothing is quite as fun without Mr. Fox anyway. But I was ennjoying my time. 

  Half way home I decided that I would work out once more, than go enjoy our appartment hotel. 

I had no idea I was so hot and icky till I got into that pool. Amazing!  I sincerely had forgot how much I love swimming and how good it feels to be back in the water. 

 Swam for longer than I thought. A whole 25 minutes. YAY

 After my nice hot shower, the house was cleaned, also faster than I thought. Parks and rec was put on Netflix, and I crawled into my fluffy robe. 

I was out like a light. 

On the couch.

On my own. 

I found that I do like being by myself. 

Myself is still a work in progress.

This is okay. 

I am growing. 

I am learning.

I can survive, and also thrive on my own. 

I can be happy by myself. 

     – Mrs. Fox Veach

“Bloom where you are planted…”

” Bloom where you are planted…”

A task, that I am finding, is way, way, way, easier said than done.

Sitting in limbo is no fun things. But I can’t complain, none the less.

I have a good job. A job where I have learned, and grown, and sincerely just come so very far from where I was just a year ago. 

For this? I am greatful.

But my obsession for continual visual progress is killing my spirit. 

This should not be so. I should be content ” in whatever state I am in…”

I’ve noticed, howerver!  That accepting my new roles, as wife ( we will start there.) has made life a whole lot easier.  I used to get so frustrated that I had to DO EVERYTHING. But …thats my job. Its okay to come home with an arm load of groceries, after a long day at work at the fire depratment, covered in sweat, mystery patient goop, and possible cancer particles from the fire earlier that day, to put the groceries away, AND YES make dinner.

  All the while he is sitting on the couch in the air conditioning playing video games with dirty dishes piled around him….

 This is okay. 

Ive realized that he does work more than I, he has longer hours, darker moments, and sincerely a harder job. 

” Let him relax at home…” I can hear my Dad’s voice. ” Make home where he wants to be, and where he never wants to leave…”

Okay Dad. Yes Sir…

I don’t nag, or question or belittle him for not doing more or for being lazy. 

I let him.

And I welcome it with a kiss.

I get the groceries put away, dinner laid out, laundry put in the washer, work out, come back to put the rest of the laundry in the washer, and the rogue dishes in the dish washer to be started along with the full washer.

 Make dinner, hot, and more sweaty, as he has never left his spot. 

Dinner is done, showers are done, and drinks are poured. 


Safe Haven.


” Bloom where you are planted…” 


 I’m NOT a secretary. By ANY means of the very word. 

This I have found out to be so very true. 

Fire Fighter?


These things I am to my core. 

The roots of my very soul knows that this is my place, and where I am supposed to be.

But to grow here in under the position of a secretary?

Frustration, and agony. 

I must learn here first.

Then the Fire Academy.

Then crossing my figers for the Police Academy to be a  K-9 Officer….

This is my end, and dream goal. 

OR  Paramedic school and RN scchool to get on that helicopter to be a flight medic. 

I will happily take either or.

But this inbetween stage is killing me.

But, yet, again, 

“Bloom where you are planted…”

 Ive embraced my postion and job to its fullest. 

I do love my job…

Learn, sooner rather than later 

“Bloom where you are planted…”

Paper Offical EMT

Finally Paper Offiical!!!

   Its taken me nerly to years ot be a certified EMT. I do not sugggest going through EMT school while trying to find a home, plan a wedding, and planning a funeral… life will not let you win.

   I passed the course with flying colors. Passed the state proctor test, ALSO with flying colors. But for the life of me I could not pass the National Registry test. 

 It’s no joke. 

 Take the test seriously. saved my life 

Failed the first two times taking the test, doing my absolute best trying to memorize signs, symptoms, terms, and pharmocology, with no avail.

  Finally, a former chief of mine mentioned FISDAP. after 3 months of using it religiously, as if my life depended on it. ( Because it did. I quickly found out till almost  after the fact that you only have one year to pass your national test before you have to take the entire course again.) SO! I was in a mad dash to pass it.   

  FINALLY the day came. I took my test, nausea and all. 8 am sharp in Little Rock Arkansas. 

  I had Mr. Fox read me my results after that day in my email. 

 Hoping for the best, but dreading and expecting the worst. 

Would I have to take the entire course again? Almost two years later? 

Nope! Mr.Fox grinned at me as he read the email. ” Congradulations!…”

Then he stopped… ” Rachie…. your state practor test has lapsed… BUT YOU PASSED NATIONAL!!!” 

 Okay, I can handle that…..

Whats one more hoop?

No. This was also miserable. 

Sam Kirkman. Our Best Man, at our wdding, is also in EMT school at UAMS at this time. He mentioned that they were doing their state tests soon as well. MARVLOUS!

  I Harrassed Tim Rhinehart till I was blue in the face for a position to come test under him. Came to practices , which were grueling … AND practice test nights. 


Test day finally comes, made new buddies, built my strengths, and polishd my weaknesses, aaaaaaaand passed trauma and failed medical twice. 

I cried…





So done with life. 

Mr. Fox, and all his viking glory, reassured me and encouraged me.

Back to the drawing board. Litterally at the Fire Department.

Practiced, memorized, meditated on medical steps for the Patient assements….

One morning, out of the blue, I recieve an email from Rhinehart, ” Can you make it in by 10am tomorrow?” Ive never left work so fast in my life to just up and doing something.

  Left the FD as I waved to my Captain in passing, (She understood) and made it to UAMS in 15 minutes. 

Talk about being intimidated though. I walked in unaware that they were testing paramedics for the ARMY that day. Jeez… I felt so little. And yest proud of my country all at the same time. LOL

   The protcor was so easy going, I was so relieved. 

” You passed…. have a great day!…” 

 Really?!! Thats it?!!!!

” Yes…???”

 Little did that man know I almost kissed him square on the mouth for his relief. 

It wasl like Christmas, no better than Christmas, at Mommas when I finaly got my certs, patch, and EMT card. 

 Mr. Fox, little did I know, also had a challenge coin for me as well. My First Challenge coin. a New Yorker FIRE and EMS chalenge coin. 

My Heart, day, and two years were so happy, and so very well worth all of it.

Ladies , and Gentlemen, 

  I, Rachel Veach, am now Paper Offical, Nationally, recognized as an EMT!

         – EMT offical! Fire Fighter wannabe…

Valentine’s Day with My Mr. Fox 

 Due to the fact that Mr. Fox and I work funky schedules at the EMS station and Fire Station,  we had our Valentine’s day a day early this year. 

    The previous week before Valentine’s day I bought Mr. Fox a well desereved PS4 for Valentine’s day. Safe to say he loves it. As do I. Pretty sure I play on the silly thing more than he does. 


  I came home from work one afternoon on one of his days off the week of Valentine’s Day. I was what he refers to as an ” emotional noodle.”  I was depressed, sad, in pain, stressed out, and just plain overwhelmed. 

  Because fire fighters are supposed to be strong, mentally, physically, and emotionally all the time right? Just remember that we are human too.

  Mr. Fox scooped me up, and began to dance with me as he played the playlist we had for our wedding. He sang softly to me as we swayed together cheek to cheek in our little living room.

  I do not- actually I do know where I’d be without Mr. Fox. He saves me everyday without even realizing it. 

    After he cheered me up, danced with me, made me laugh,  he sent me to take a shower while he went to get groceries. 

  To my complete happiness, he made me a steak dinner, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate swirled cheese cake for our Valentine’s day!!!!

   He never cease to amaze me. He danced with me some more, played video games with me and read with me. He truly is my best friend, and my confidant in everything. 

 I love you My Love. My One and my Only.

        -EMT wanna-be Fire Fighter- in- Training 

Viking Horde Beginnings!

    Mr.Fox’s Best friend seems to be a dog whisperer, and puts off animal vibes that draws them to him.    Shortly after Mr.Fox and I returned home from our Icelandic adventure, Sam had a puppy follow him one morning. Long story short, Mr. Fox fell in love with him, and  he became our Fur Baby, Bjorn. Great Dane, and Lab. So he will live up to his Icelandic name, in being a bear.  He is Viking, he found his bark, and made sure we knew. Hes a happy Vivking Puppy.

    Today, while we were doing apperatus hecks this morning at the FD this guy followed us into te engine bay, and our Department. Ethan, and Sam are loving every minute. Sam has named him Floki, much to his enjoyment.  Floki has a very happy family now with us.

  So safe to say, our little Viking family is growing very well. 

   A family that raids together, stays together. 

     -Mrs. Unicorn Fox

I’m Back!


   Last time I was on here I was the ” Soon-to-be-”  Mrs.Fox! Now I am!

   Please forgive me for not keeping better updates and records. Life as we know it is continuallly crazy.  However, I truly wouldn’t change a single thing.  

  Our Wedding was ultimate perfection, and our Honymoon to Icelnd was a complete dream!I found where I belong. I found my Soulmate, and I found my People, My “tribe.” 

   I’ll have plenty of pictures, stories, abd updates to come. Please hang in there with me!

 Above is a quote from I, and my Husband’s favorite movie as f right now. ( BFGis pretty dang close!)

  For he is my Mr. Fox, and we have tamed eachother. we now need eachother, and are responsible for the other. And with that, I would never have it any other way.

         – The unicorn has transformed into Mrs. Fox 

Rescues, and Beginnings 

   FINALLY got to get mud on my boots! Had a car wreck in the mud this past week. Got to actually help with patient care as well. My Mr. Fox was the MEMS crew that we got to work with so I was happy.   He sure is handsome in his bullet vest. New beginnings, I’m NOW OFFICIALLY ON THE FIRE DEPT. 😱❤️😍🚒🚨

 Got to do some extrication class time. It was miserably hot but we had fun getting to play. 

   These two, stole my phone during training.  

So we got to do search and rescue training at station three. Little Kolb, Sam, and I got to black out our helmets and wind a hose through the station to find our little dummy to rescue.  Little Kolb and masterfully made our dummy out of a gas can and will and gear. It worked!!! 
  Trying to memorize all of these little things when I get on our fire scene.   I’m thankful for Lottle Kolb and his patience  with me.  “Smooth, bump bump to the pump.” 

 Our little dummy and our little station three. 

   My dashingly handsome Mr. Fox in his sexy billet proof vest 😍
 It crew at Mr. Pancho’s one night for dinner. AHmazing Mexican food.  Mr. Fox, Ethan, I, Elijah and Sam ☺️ our little family.     Finically registered at Bed Bath and Beyond for our wedding!!!! Excited. It’s all coming together! 😱
 This handsome gentleman once again had stole my phone. But in not complaining. I rather enjoy showing him off.  😱☺️❤️😍 I’m still so amazed that God has given him to me.    Hehe I had Mr. Fox and got to cuddle him after his shift.  He’s so sweet. 😍❤️
 My medical ninja turtle.  🐢❤️
It’s been fun. 

Today I also felt very improbably and needed today…. Like I actually had a purpose on the dept. Today. 

Ethan, our brother on the fire dept. , had a blow out on the highway. I got to help rescue him with our captain, and “Scamp.” Unknown it may be a little thing, but to see Ethan’s eyes light up with comfort meant the world to me.   I got to save my brother and reach out to him. I know my purpose 

We had an emergency medical call after we found the house in the midst of the chaotic mailbox addresses. 

  The cries of this elderly lady were coming from the side window after we got to her we found that the only way into the house was through the window beside her.  The sherif and our captain both took one look at me as if to say “You are the only one that can go in.” The sherif told me to go ahead and climb in.  

I know this is my calling. And that  exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

Got in and out of the windo, unlocked the front door just to see my Mr. Fox at the door with his eyes lit up. “Hi lovely.” 

I’m so thankful that I get to work with my fiancé that God has given to me.   

I’m greatful that I’m needed and that God has shown me that I am where I’m supposed to be and who I’m to be with. Thank you Lord.   
  – EMT wanna be, future fire fighter. 

Mumford And Sons! 

  My life has forever been changed!!

Not only my very first concert, but I got to be with my true siblings and watch my Mr. Fox work the EMT life down by the barricades for medics, and security for the concert.  

  He truly is so very handsome.  I’m so proud that he’s mine! I love your eyes, Jonathan.  They make my heart smile!

  At 5:00 yesterday night I got a text from Elijah asking if I wanted to go to a concert with them. Fully well knowing that Mr. Fox was working the same concert, I said, “Sure!” Elijah then promptly asked me if I even knew who was singing…. Hehe nope! But oh my gosh they truly have changed my life.  
A fuzzy picture of all of us but it was so worth taking xD 

After flirting and loving on my Mr. Fox before the concert, making sure every girl in there that might be watching him would know that he’s TAKEN, we made our way back for drinks…… Again, just simply amazing.  xD 
   The drummer for the opening band was in his late 50’s with the long blonde hair and a red bandana that I was totally admiring at how confidently he wore it.  He was just so happy to be there.   Snappij selfies with fans and smiles the whole time.   I loved him, he made me happy! 

  Finally, the lights dim, and the whole arena roars with screams and cheers of excitement.  

Mumford and sons! 

The light work was so beautiful and so well times it was truly amazing.  I found myself dancing, jumping, and trying to mosh in our little row. 

  I fell in love with them to say the least, the moment they walked on. The smoke, the sparklers, the lights, and the lasers just added to the Aura of their passion and their love for their music.  They sucked all of you in to their music as they jammed out.  They gave me chills and made my heart sing along. 

  They truly loved their fans, for they ran out into the crowd and moshed with them hole they sang! They were real people, with real instruments……. Oh the instruments!!!! A real double bass, real banjo, real guitars, electric and acoustic!!!!! Amazing trumpets and trombones along with the best piano and lectern violin I’ve ever heard.  No sub overs, no lips syncing.  Real people, a real family, with real music and skill with a passion most on fire.   

I’ve absolutly fallen in love and had my passion and fire for music rekindled heavily.    

I never wanted to leave. I know this is one area my heart will always long and belong too.  

Thank you Lord. 

  – EMT wanna be, musician rekindled. 

– Rachel

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