One week down!!! 

   The moon was way prettier than this….

 Pretty simple. First week down. Nerves kinda shaken. But now that I have an idea of what to expect, I’m pretty stoked. 

   Met my “new family” in my end of the EMS world. Already have a few buddies, but easily made friends with everyone. Already look up to my teachers. 

  Been made examples of… Thanks to one of my teachers getting to work with the person who got me on board.  I’m now the “example” and  “Guinea pig.” This will be fun… 

   Pretty excited about my book, and soon coming uniform!!! I’ll just be what the EMS world calls a “EMT-B” (basic) but my plan is to work my way up the ladder. EMT-B is pretty much the equivalent of the junior high kid who somehow got thrown into the highschool building… Lost clueless and to a degree looked down upon xD or simply patted on the head.  So… We’ve all been there before and know exactly how THAT one feels… 

Pressing on. 

STOKED about my uniform =} red polo with EMT-B R. Massey embroidered on it along with black EMS Tactical pants and boots =} I sincerely can’t wait to wear it. And for those of you who already live in your uniform in the EMS world and can’t wait for that blissful second to claw your way out of it… Don’t ruin this for me. Just let me be happy. xD 

  BUT I did find out that you must be a good EMT first, before you can ever touch paramedic.  So that’s my silver lining. I actually get to be good at one thing before I’m thrown into the next. So I’m happy xD 

As I said, tonight was good. Sonic Carmel Java chiller made me happy. But never stopping in any other town to get gas and stay awake food other than Forrest city…  I forget this truly is Arkansas and that bo-dunk truly is a thing.  Along with the “bad plumbing” inbreeds … Never again small city of Brinkley… Never again.  

 Next week truly cannot get here fast enough!!!

  -The “New” and way too excited,

                             -EMT-B R.Massey