Rushing to beat my boyfriend home before he got off his shift at 6 in the morning to come bug him for a little bit before he went to sleep and then before I had to head to work.   Everything that could go wrong? Went very wrong. Nothing big just little things that seemed to pile up 😐
I was kinda down earlier that morning. I had really been missing my Dad. He always seemed to have the answers and always knew what to do. I miss that beyond words. 

   Well needless to say all of my heartache and stress displaced as soon as I stepped in the door. 

    He wrote to me a letter, and bought me my favorite OREOS. 

  He has always had a thing for unique things. He’s never bought me the “styrotipical” flowers that a boyfriend buys for his girlfriend. This time he bought me these beautiful purple orchids with two little turanium plants planted in with it. Perfectly simple and perfectly beautiful. 

  He always knows just what to do. He’s perfect for me. I love him so much.  

Thank you, Mr. Fox for being mine.  

                    -EMTB R. MASSEY