Overwhelmed… God knows. 

I’m in tears as I stand before my “Third Daddy”- as he referees to himself.  My wonderful future Father-in-law. 

 My beautiful “Mommy” my future Mother-in-Law allows those peaceful tears to flow beside me. 

” We love you, kiddo. And we want to honor your Dad. I fell in love with him the first day I met him at Thanksgiving…” Are his powerfully touching words that bring me to more tears. He hands me a book that my Dad has tried to find for me before he passed but was never able too. God knows the silent cries and silent needs of our hearts and souls individually. 

My “Third Daddy” never knew that my Dad was trying to give me that book. Or that I had needs.  He met both my silent needs and worries with both the quiet wishes of my Father met, and the inner panick attacks that had ruled over my spirit for so long he and my Future Mother-In-Law had calmed so flawlessly and comforted as well as provides for.  

  God knows, and He uses those who love Him to help, encourage, and provide for those who Love Him. I’m terrible with trusting God. I had been praying for so long that if becoming an EMT was the path that He had for me. And if it was that He’d provide where He guides.

  Tonight I no longer have doubts, no second guesses, and no fears, or worries whether or not I did the right thing in choosing EMS. God used my “Third Daddy,” and my “Mommy” to show me that I’m exactly where I am supposed to be and and that I truly am doing the right thing by God. That I’m exactly where He has called me to be.  I’m doing what He has called me to do at this time in my life. 

  In tears, and at true loss for words I run back into see my “Third Daddy” to hug him. For no other expression seems to be appropriate or fit. Then run to my “Mommy” to hug her. 

  Both in tears, we pause to listen to my sister quietly play Day by day on the piano… One of my Dad’s favorite songs to sing and play….

  The quiet signs that my Dad is still with me, and that he truly does still think of me. 

 Thank you, Lord. 

 I’m overwhelmed by your peace that passeth all understanding, all human understanding.  

Thank you, Lord, Master, Father. 

 -Your overwhelmed servant, and child.  

      -EMTB R. Massey