The older I get, coffee, and nicotine  just sounds… Well good. Coffee as is sit down and contemplate, study, think, ponder. Not the wussy “Kumbaye” you get from Starbucks.  All though I’m not opposed to Starbucks… But coffee, coffee always sounds good now.  

    Today I actually got to study our chapters 1&3 that we went over in class Thursday. We went over a lot of it so there were no suprises which is nice. We have a test on it this Tuesday. I’m excited and nervous.  My. Fox says that I’ll do good, and that I have no need of worry.  But I still worry.

   It’s a very easy to read text book. I really do love reading it. It isn’t a dread or a drudgery. I feel like I know so much already and my confidence has already begun to be be built and become firm. 

   We also get CPR certified Tuesday. Another thing that has me nervous. I’ve done it before but not with actual medical professionals.  So this will be interesting. 

  Tuesday cannot get here fast enough.  There are so many things I want to practice already through for the traits that are required of me as an EMT. Such as my confidence and calming reassurance xD it needs help lol!

 Only a few more days 🙂