CPR CERTIFICATION NIGHT! With make shift lined paper envelopes for the $5 reg. fee. We are already becoming a family. Don and I helped out Marissa, Don and I “saved a life,” then Marissa and I “saved a baby.” Oh and Marissa and I “saved” eachother. xD  I think it’s neat how we are all already working together as partners and teams as well as covering eachother’s backs. 
And I love my Instructors. xD As of right now, apparently I’ve been in Arkansas for 5 years instead of almost 4. Thank you Aaron! xD 

We all passed as a class!!! So we get our cards soon 🙂 

 Many of y’all have been asking to see my book. Here it is!! The size of Pluto! I was kinda panicking due to a test then found out that we don’t do it till Thursday.  SO I was happy 🙂 

   Was texting my, Mr. Fox “on breaks” during class 😛 he discovered the power of Sam’s Club. xD after he sent me this I had to send him this…..
During class I snapped this quick. (Yes. When needed I can be a ninja. Thank you Sarah for showing me how.) 

This is true love. We both were drinking monster, but not just any monster. The same monster together without even knowing it till we showed eachother xD.  

I love you, Mr. Fox. You make me happy, Sir. 🙂

D                 -The EMT wanna be

                          -R. Massey