Needless to say, I got this picture from my Fantasic Mr. Fox in the middle of class and found it hard to contain my laughter. There is none like him.  


  Also! Found this little guy outside of class with my buddies. AINT HE CUTE?! Goofy dude wouldn’t let me pick him up. How dare that frog….


Pretty self-explanatory. It’s been a minute since I last wrote. That’s because it’s been crazy. 
     We’ve gone over anatomy and physiology in class, proper respitory methods as well as ventaliation. When to ventalate somone and when absolute not to ventalate somone. 

    “…. To ventalate, or not to ventalate? That is the question…”


  We’ve been over the whole anatomy of a human being. Inappropriate giggles from the boys and all in class. I can’t really get into them… A few of the “conversations” from our fearless leader of an instructor that started awkward and ended up being very useful and knowledgeable in the end! 

Such as…. Ladies! You can still get pregnant on your period! That was news to me. xD 

But sincerely though. The human body truly is amazing. It’s a fine protective balance. God is an amazing creator. The heart itself is so intense and so finely detailed. I love it. How it operates in electricity, and how each chamber functions…. The best way I can explain it through music….. It’s so detailed in its time signature, what key it’s in, and the dynamics of how it’s played. How many beats per minute tied with how many beats per measure. It’s wonderful. What a night God we serve. 

 Also how the brain functions and works as well is such and awe inspiring thing to me. How it also functions on electricity, water, and sugars. Truly amazing to me. 

  We all now know how to use rebreather masks, bag-valve masks, as well as CPAP machines (which kinda already came easy to me, having a diabetic father.) and we now know how to set up and use IV’s!!!! That was the part I was so looking forward to and excited for.  As an EMT we can’t legally do one in the field but we set them up and everything for our partner to do. 

    The comradery in our class has already begun to develop and deepen. I love it. The funny, and sad thing that I’ve come to realize is that in the one month I’ve been in this class I’ve seen and felt more companionship and protective strength and a brother bond between our class than I ever had at Bible college or church in the south. 


So much for Christianity.  

Not saying I’m recanting. Ever. But that is truly sad. 

I finally got my uniform pants in! It felt like Christmas! Truly though, it was the most confusing process trying to figure out my size. I’m an 8 in jeans and ended up being a 14 long in 511 Women’s tactical EMS pants. 😐 

Also, found out that I can no longer joke about beer being in “ROOTBEER” because now they actually make canned Rootbeer with alcohol in it. 


 Mr. Fox also introduced me to these amazingly wonderfully exciting and thrilling CHRISTIAN books about survival in a fallen country called Founders and another one called Survivors By James Wesley Rawless. Truly amaIng and I love them. I want so badly to take part in the tactical training as well as how to carry and conceal all day every day and how to pack tactically for survival. I LOOOVE it!!!

 As for class once again all of us passed yet another test that we were all panicking for and ended up being an easy one. Lol! 

Life is good.

God is greater. 
                         – EMT Wanna Be