This month has gone by crazy fast and yet so much has happened!   I’m not on the Brotherhood of the EMS team 🙂 Words cannot say how excited I truly am. God always blesses overly abundantly than we can imagine.  Ever. He is so good to me. 
  My beloved, Me. Fox took me for a hike to his favorite spot here in the state of Arkansas. He told me he’s never taken a girl there before. What a special privilege it was for me. And an amazng adventure! How sweet it was for me to know that he trusts me and loves me enough to take me to his “secret hiding place.”   Of course, we had to take his and hers EDC (every day carry) pictures on our hike! Glocks and bench mades 😉 they are his favorite and have quickly become mine as well. 
    We both love lizards =} found this one on our hike! 
  I layed on a rock to get this one. I absolutely loved the veiw!!! Mr. Fox was hovering for this one.  I truly love how protective he is.    
    My beloved Mr. Fox and I one our hike together =}
  BECAUSE it is October everyone and their brother has decided to make everything in pumpkin flavor. I love pumpkin spice. It was one of my dad’s favorites. So naturally it quickly became one of mine. Because of this Mr. Fox makes a point to tease me about pumpkin spice. When I found this and showed it to him the teasing ceased 😉  After my truck blowing up on 5 minutes away from my EMT class that is over an hour and a half away This beauty was given to me. As I said earlier God always provides above and beyond all of our needs. He didn’t have to get me this vehicle!! But He did!
  Class has been absolultely crazy. I feel like I’m trying to get a drink from a fire hydrant that’s fully on.  Lots of memorizing terms and signs and symptoms.  I love it so much though.    In my EMT uniform after stealing “Daddy Veaches” Bow tie. 
  Today I blew two tires on my brand new Caddy… At the same time. Trying to make the best of it.   Baby Veach found me an actual unicorn wunzie !!! Now I really can be Mr  fox’s Unicorn!!!
    Mr. Fix and I are now officially on the fire dept. Together!! Our dreams are comming true!!!
    Baby Veach got a new puppy!!’ River Song! Yes. We are Whovians. 

    Yeah!!! It’s all offical!!’ I am a fire fighter!!!
  mr. Fox took me to my first actual real live football game!!! I’m not a razor back fan but it was so much fun!And they won!!  
  Mr  fox and little mad die having fun playing hang man on the fire dept.’s white board. It was hilarious. And the “lizzard” that Mr. Fox made for me with the play dough I stole from Maddie. He’s so creative. 😉   
    Having fun at the dept. 🙂 “Where’s Waldo?” 
    Baby Veach and I sporting our wunzzies.  
  So happy to see all of the family home. This may be a simple picture but it made my heart happy to see that I do have a family now that I belong too.     
 And to end this beautiful distaster of an amazing month of Octover of course, Happy Halloween! From Little Red Riding Hood and her amazingly handsome Huntsmen.