Because I’m a girl in a man’s world, I’m often overlooked, ignored, put down, and walked over. 

 This is getting old. 

But then when I do raise my voice to be heard im accused of being unsubmissive, and feministic. I’m also told that I need to be put back in my place. 

What a life. 

None of my ideas, thoughts, or words matter In a man’s world. 

My voice is silenced, I do not matter. 

Mr. Fox is praised, and I am ignored and Brushed to the side. 

He’s the magnet for attention, but the minute I need attention im the “attention whore.” And I’m the one in the wrong. Because I’m not a “Meek and quiet spirit.” 

When I speak I’m put down and ignored, when he speaks he is praised and the very groud he walks in is worshiped. 

One day I will conquer this curse, and I will be heard and praise, because I too, am capable of great things.