Tonight, in Downtown Memphis Tennessee, My Beloved Mr. Fox asked me to be his Mrs. Fox!!!!

    After Jonathan had told me that this time next year we would be engaged and on our way to being married.  Knowing this I did my best to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to wait for the next year and prepare the best I could and to use this time wisely and NOT sulk. 

   For three months now, Daddy Veach has even planning for our family to go to the Victory Bowl in Memphis.  I asked off work immediately to be able to go with my family.  

  Little did I know, that my wonderfully sly Mr. Fox already had a plan in motion and that the “years time” that he had asked me to wait was all just part of his scheme to through me off his trail.  

We all made our road trip to Memphis with some amazing stops along the way that Daddy Veach had planned out.  I absolutely loved it.  

 After we checked into our hotel after our adventure at the pyramid bass pro, Dad wanted to take us all to a place I had never heard before.  Texas De Brazil. The restaurant was amazing.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  I always feel like royalty with my family.  

After dinner, Mommy asked dad if it was okay if we took a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown mephis. PERFECT! I loved it! The horses were beautiful and so were the carriages.   

 After awhile riding in the cold , the carriage driver asked if it was okay if we stopped to water the horses.  “Sure thing!” Dad said. So we pulled into a park that was coincidently called “Confederate Park.” How coo is THAT to have in the south? The park was so cute! Jessa, our Baby Veach followed Jonathan and I everywhere.  She has become our baby.  

  I looked up and followed jonathan to walk around for a little while to give our horses a rest and Jessa was absolutely no where to be found. I look around to see where everyone else was at hoping I could spot momma. Everyone.  I mean everyone was huddled in the corner of the park just watching Jonathan and I. Just watching and whispering. What the mess??

  Jonathan pulled me into him to hug me.  I hugged him back trying to figure out what was so wrong all of the sudden. 

His eyes, his eyes had changed and softened so deeply.  “I love you Rachel.  You will always have my heart. ” 

He begins to dig into his back pocket for what I THOUGH his vape!!!!! 


The Gentleman pulls a box out of his pocket. Gets down on one knee.  

” Rachel, will you marry me?” 

His eyes light up, they are different: a bright blue. His smile has changed. Brighter than I’ve ever seen it before.   

This is actually happening.   

“Yes, Jonathan.” Were the only words I could manage.  

Pulse in my throat and butterflies everywhere. 

Not two seconds later our family surrounds us jumping for joy and squealing and asking to see my ring that he hasn’t quite managed to get on my finger yet.   

 Daddy smiles as he calms our little crowd and nods for Jonathan to put it on my finger.  

Our photographer siblings snapping pictures everywhere and posing us.    



My heart is happy.   Joyful. Comforted.  He is mine.   “You think touchpad live with me the rest of your life?” He asks me quietly.  

“Yes, Jonathan. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

“Good! Because you already made the promise!”

Good to know I’m not the only one who’s proud to be together.  


It’s amazing what a year can take away. But also what it can give.  

Thank you Lord. My cup runneth over. My heart is full and comforted.

Thank you Father.