lots has happened in the past two months. Work, school, fire dept. Training and more school along with more fire dept. Training.   
    We will start with Valentine’s Day. 😱❤️t Mr. Fox suprised me with a heart shaped pizza and a beautiful sterling silver fox shaped necklace! ❤️😱☺️😍 he’s so good to me!


Next! I got my nails professionally done for the first time with my lovely sister-in-law, Lola! It was a must seeing as she as going to take our engagement pictures that following afternoon. I felt like a princess and the young Asian doing my nails loved how much I love glitter. It cracked him up. x3 

NEXT order of business!!!!!! NEW EXTRICATION EQUIPMENT AT THE FIRE DEPT.! Yes. I absolutely loved every minute of it.  Captain Cash showed us the importance of being able to take care of even the smaller and most delicate of details when working with these monsters and beasts of tools.   They are heavy as ever and give you your work out. But with the same intense adrenaline younger from using the you must also be able to control them and be gentle enough with them to pick up a little plastic delicate egg without busting it! Talk about intense! 

This is all of us at extrication practice night ☺️was a blast.  


Yes. This is a military Humvee. Yes. It is NOW ON OUR DEPT. !!!!! And our wonderfully dedicated gentleman painted it all themselves!!!!! What skills right?????

On too Krav- Maga. I really hope that is how you spell it.  Kevin Brown was our instructor.  He taught us self defense as well as third party defending too! We had a couple guys from other dept. Come and join us.  I was in a group of three.  They were hillarious and a joy to work with.  Was nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to do things right in the class.  Little did I know that my partners were both  both boxers in their day. And that I was making them nervous at how well I was actually doing. So well that they began to flinxh… This impresses me to the point I was on an adrenaline high the rest of the day.  I loved and soaked up every minutes that I could.  My Viking decent and blood still carries that warrior gene. I’m proud ☺️☺️☺️ 

All of us and our instructors for the Krav-Maga class. We all got certifications for it too!!!!😱  

Finically all of our beautiful new extrication gear ☺️☺️😱 just thought it was pretty and wanted to share ☺️☺️

  – Almost fire fighter, and EMT wanna be. 
– Rachel