My life has forever been changed!!

Not only my very first concert, but I got to be with my true siblings and watch my Mr. Fox work the EMT life down by the barricades for medics, and security for the concert.  

  He truly is so very handsome.  I’m so proud that he’s mine! I love your eyes, Jonathan.  They make my heart smile!

  At 5:00 yesterday night I got a text from Elijah asking if I wanted to go to a concert with them. Fully well knowing that Mr. Fox was working the same concert, I said, “Sure!” Elijah then promptly asked me if I even knew who was singing…. Hehe nope! But oh my gosh they truly have changed my life.  
A fuzzy picture of all of us but it was so worth taking xD 

After flirting and loving on my Mr. Fox before the concert, making sure every girl in there that might be watching him would know that he’s TAKEN, we made our way back for drinks…… Again, just simply amazing.  xD 
   The drummer for the opening band was in his late 50’s with the long blonde hair and a red bandana that I was totally admiring at how confidently he wore it.  He was just so happy to be there.   Snappij selfies with fans and smiles the whole time.   I loved him, he made me happy! 

  Finally, the lights dim, and the whole arena roars with screams and cheers of excitement.  

Mumford and sons! 

The light work was so beautiful and so well times it was truly amazing.  I found myself dancing, jumping, and trying to mosh in our little row. 

  I fell in love with them to say the least, the moment they walked on. The smoke, the sparklers, the lights, and the lasers just added to the Aura of their passion and their love for their music.  They sucked all of you in to their music as they jammed out.  They gave me chills and made my heart sing along. 

  They truly loved their fans, for they ran out into the crowd and moshed with them hole they sang! They were real people, with real instruments……. Oh the instruments!!!! A real double bass, real banjo, real guitars, electric and acoustic!!!!! Amazing trumpets and trombones along with the best piano and lectern violin I’ve ever heard.  No sub overs, no lips syncing.  Real people, a real family, with real music and skill with a passion most on fire.   

I’ve absolutly fallen in love and had my passion and fire for music rekindled heavily.    

I never wanted to leave. I know this is one area my heart will always long and belong too.  

Thank you Lord. 

  – EMT wanna be, musician rekindled. 

– Rachel