FINALLY got to get mud on my boots! Had a car wreck in the mud this past week. Got to actually help with patient care as well. My Mr. Fox was the MEMS crew that we got to work with so I was happy.   He sure is handsome in his bullet vest. New beginnings, I’m NOW OFFICIALLY ON THE FIRE DEPT. 😱❤️😍🚒🚨

 Got to do some extrication class time. It was miserably hot but we had fun getting to play. 

   These two, stole my phone during training.  

So we got to do search and rescue training at station three. Little Kolb, Sam, and I got to black out our helmets and wind a hose through the station to find our little dummy to rescue.  Little Kolb and masterfully made our dummy out of a gas can and will and gear. It worked!!! 
  Trying to memorize all of these little things when I get on our fire scene.   I’m thankful for Lottle Kolb and his patience  with me.  “Smooth, bump bump to the pump.” 

 Our little dummy and our little station three. 

   My dashingly handsome Mr. Fox in his sexy billet proof vest 😍
 It crew at Mr. Pancho’s one night for dinner. AHmazing Mexican food.  Mr. Fox, Ethan, I, Elijah and Sam ☺️ our little family.     Finically registered at Bed Bath and Beyond for our wedding!!!! Excited. It’s all coming together! 😱
 This handsome gentleman once again had stole my phone. But in not complaining. I rather enjoy showing him off.  😱☺️❤️😍 I’m still so amazed that God has given him to me.    Hehe I had Mr. Fox and got to cuddle him after his shift.  He’s so sweet. 😍❤️
 My medical ninja turtle.  🐢❤️
It’s been fun. 

Today I also felt very improbably and needed today…. Like I actually had a purpose on the dept. Today. 

Ethan, our brother on the fire dept. , had a blow out on the highway. I got to help rescue him with our captain, and “Scamp.” Unknown it may be a little thing, but to see Ethan’s eyes light up with comfort meant the world to me.   I got to save my brother and reach out to him. I know my purpose 

We had an emergency medical call after we found the house in the midst of the chaotic mailbox addresses. 

  The cries of this elderly lady were coming from the side window after we got to her we found that the only way into the house was through the window beside her.  The sherif and our captain both took one look at me as if to say “You are the only one that can go in.” The sherif told me to go ahead and climb in.  

I know this is my calling. And that  exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

Got in and out of the windo, unlocked the front door just to see my Mr. Fox at the door with his eyes lit up. “Hi lovely.” 

I’m so thankful that I get to work with my fiancé that God has given to me.   

I’m greatful that I’m needed and that God has shown me that I am where I’m supposed to be and who I’m to be with. Thank you Lord.   
  – EMT wanna be, future fire fighter.