Last time I was on here I was the ” Soon-to-be-”  Mrs.Fox! Now I am!

   Please forgive me for not keeping better updates and records. Life as we know it is continuallly crazy.  However, I truly wouldn’t change a single thing.  

  Our Wedding was ultimate perfection, and our Honymoon to Icelnd was a complete dream!I found where I belong. I found my Soulmate, and I found my People, My “tribe.” 

   I’ll have plenty of pictures, stories, abd updates to come. Please hang in there with me!

 Above is a quote from I, and my Husband’s favorite movie as f right now. ( BFGis pretty dang close!)

  For he is my Mr. Fox, and we have tamed eachother. we now need eachother, and are responsible for the other. And with that, I would never have it any other way.

         – The unicorn has transformed into Mrs. Fox