Mr.Fox’s Best friend seems to be a dog whisperer, and puts off animal vibes that draws them to him.    Shortly after Mr.Fox and I returned home from our Icelandic adventure, Sam had a puppy follow him one morning. Long story short, Mr. Fox fell in love with him, and  he became our Fur Baby, Bjorn. Great Dane, and Lab. So he will live up to his Icelandic name, in being a bear.  He is Viking, he found his bark, and made sure we knew. Hes a happy Vivking Puppy.

    Today, while we were doing apperatus hecks this morning at the FD this guy followed us into te engine bay, and our Department. Ethan, and Sam are loving every minute. Sam has named him Floki, much to his enjoyment.  Floki has a very happy family now with us.

  So safe to say, our little Viking family is growing very well. 

   A family that raids together, stays together. 

     -Mrs. Unicorn Fox