Due to the fact that Mr. Fox and I work funky schedules at the EMS station and Fire Station,  we had our Valentine’s day a day early this year. 

    The previous week before Valentine’s day I bought Mr. Fox a well desereved PS4 for Valentine’s day. Safe to say he loves it. As do I. Pretty sure I play on the silly thing more than he does. 


  I came home from work one afternoon on one of his days off the week of Valentine’s Day. I was what he refers to as an ” emotional noodle.”  I was depressed, sad, in pain, stressed out, and just plain overwhelmed. 

  Because fire fighters are supposed to be strong, mentally, physically, and emotionally all the time right? Just remember that we are human too.

  Mr. Fox scooped me up, and began to dance with me as he played the playlist we had for our wedding. He sang softly to me as we swayed together cheek to cheek in our little living room.

  I do not- actually I do know where I’d be without Mr. Fox. He saves me everyday without even realizing it. 

    After he cheered me up, danced with me, made me laugh,  he sent me to take a shower while he went to get groceries. 

  To my complete happiness, he made me a steak dinner, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate swirled cheese cake for our Valentine’s day!!!!

   He never cease to amaze me. He danced with me some more, played video games with me and read with me. He truly is my best friend, and my confidant in everything. 

 I love you My Love. My One and my Only.

        -EMT wanna-be Fire Fighter- in- Training