Finally Paper Offiical!!!

   Its taken me nerly to years ot be a certified EMT. I do not sugggest going through EMT school while trying to find a home, plan a wedding, and planning a funeral… life will not let you win.

   I passed the course with flying colors. Passed the state proctor test, ALSO with flying colors. But for the life of me I could not pass the National Registry test. 

 It’s no joke. 

 Take the test seriously. saved my life 

Failed the first two times taking the test, doing my absolute best trying to memorize signs, symptoms, terms, and pharmocology, with no avail.

  Finally, a former chief of mine mentioned FISDAP. after 3 months of using it religiously, as if my life depended on it. ( Because it did. I quickly found out till almost  after the fact that you only have one year to pass your national test before you have to take the entire course again.) SO! I was in a mad dash to pass it.   

  FINALLY the day came. I took my test, nausea and all. 8 am sharp in Little Rock Arkansas. 

  I had Mr. Fox read me my results after that day in my email. 

 Hoping for the best, but dreading and expecting the worst. 

Would I have to take the entire course again? Almost two years later? 

Nope! Mr.Fox grinned at me as he read the email. ” Congradulations!…”

Then he stopped… ” Rachie…. your state practor test has lapsed… BUT YOU PASSED NATIONAL!!!” 

 Okay, I can handle that…..

Whats one more hoop?

No. This was also miserable. 

Sam Kirkman. Our Best Man, at our wdding, is also in EMT school at UAMS at this time. He mentioned that they were doing their state tests soon as well. MARVLOUS!

  I Harrassed Tim Rhinehart till I was blue in the face for a position to come test under him. Came to practices , which were grueling … AND practice test nights. 


Test day finally comes, made new buddies, built my strengths, and polishd my weaknesses, aaaaaaaand passed trauma and failed medical twice. 

I cried…





So done with life. 

Mr. Fox, and all his viking glory, reassured me and encouraged me.

Back to the drawing board. Litterally at the Fire Department.

Practiced, memorized, meditated on medical steps for the Patient assements….

One morning, out of the blue, I recieve an email from Rhinehart, ” Can you make it in by 10am tomorrow?” Ive never left work so fast in my life to just up and doing something.

  Left the FD as I waved to my Captain in passing, (She understood) and made it to UAMS in 15 minutes. 

Talk about being intimidated though. I walked in unaware that they were testing paramedics for the ARMY that day. Jeez… I felt so little. And yest proud of my country all at the same time. LOL

   The protcor was so easy going, I was so relieved. 

” You passed…. have a great day!…” 

 Really?!! Thats it?!!!!

” Yes…???”

 Little did that man know I almost kissed him square on the mouth for his relief. 

It wasl like Christmas, no better than Christmas, at Mommas when I finaly got my certs, patch, and EMT card. 

 Mr. Fox, little did I know, also had a challenge coin for me as well. My First Challenge coin. a New Yorker FIRE and EMS chalenge coin. 

My Heart, day, and two years were so happy, and so very well worth all of it.

Ladies , and Gentlemen, 

  I, Rachel Veach, am now Paper Offical, Nationally, recognized as an EMT!

         – EMT offical! Fire Fighter wannabe…