” Bloom where you are planted…”

A task, that I am finding, is way, way, way, easier said than done.

Sitting in limbo is no fun things. But I can’t complain, none the less.

I have a good job. A job where I have learned, and grown, and sincerely just come so very far from where I was just a year ago. 

For this? I am greatful.

But my obsession for continual visual progress is killing my spirit. 

This should not be so. I should be content ” in whatever state I am in…”

I’ve noticed, howerver!  That accepting my new roles, as wife ( we will start there.) has made life a whole lot easier.  I used to get so frustrated that I had to DO EVERYTHING. But …thats my job. Its okay to come home with an arm load of groceries, after a long day at work at the fire depratment, covered in sweat, mystery patient goop, and possible cancer particles from the fire earlier that day, to put the groceries away, AND YES make dinner.

  All the while he is sitting on the couch in the air conditioning playing video games with dirty dishes piled around him….

 This is okay. 

Ive realized that he does work more than I, he has longer hours, darker moments, and sincerely a harder job. 

” Let him relax at home…” I can hear my Dad’s voice. ” Make home where he wants to be, and where he never wants to leave…”

Okay Dad. Yes Sir…

I don’t nag, or question or belittle him for not doing more or for being lazy. 

I let him.

And I welcome it with a kiss.

I get the groceries put away, dinner laid out, laundry put in the washer, work out, come back to put the rest of the laundry in the washer, and the rogue dishes in the dish washer to be started along with the full washer.

 Make dinner, hot, and more sweaty, as he has never left his spot. 

Dinner is done, showers are done, and drinks are poured. 


Safe Haven.


” Bloom where you are planted…” 


 I’m NOT a secretary. By ANY means of the very word. 

This I have found out to be so very true. 

Fire Fighter?


These things I am to my core. 

The roots of my very soul knows that this is my place, and where I am supposed to be.

But to grow here in under the position of a secretary?

Frustration, and agony. 

I must learn here first.

Then the Fire Academy.

Then crossing my figers for the Police Academy to be a  K-9 Officer….

This is my end, and dream goal. 

OR  Paramedic school and RN scchool to get on that helicopter to be a flight medic. 

I will happily take either or.

But this inbetween stage is killing me.

But, yet, again, 

“Bloom where you are planted…”

 Ive embraced my postion and job to its fullest. 

I do love my job…

Learn, sooner rather than later 

“Bloom where you are planted…”