This past Satuday, I was by myself. 

  I was off work all day, and Mr. Fox was working a 24 hour shift for his ambulance service. So, that means that he leaves 6 am one morning, and does not come back untill 6 am the next morning. 

By myself, for nearly 35 hours… 

 What do you do?

Luckily! Mr. Fox had encouraged me to spend the day with my self.

SO! I did. ( Ladies, if you have a wise husband, that truly does take care of you, wheather you realize it or not, listen to him. Hang on his every words.)

 Did I like this idea? 

No…. no really. 

I hate being by myself. 

So I trusted my Husband. Sucked it all up. Remembered that I am Viking, and can stand on my own. ( Again, due to my Viking Husband’s encouragement) and made a list of things to keep my mind, body, and spirit busy, getting to know me.

I woke up at 8 am that morning, worked out, drank my tea and coffee. And went out on my Adventure. First? Sip and Shop across the street at Essential Frills. 

  A beautiful, cute little boutique.  I love that little place. The girls there helped me find a cute girl outfit to match my ivory cowgirl boots. I love it. After that exciting, adveture I felt very accomplished. A new outfit that made me feel like a girl!! Since I’m generally in fire uniforms, I was excited to feel feminine again. 

 Next Stop! Michales for more things to make more birthday presesnt for the many upcoming birthdays in our family. Plenty of lava beads, turqoise, and purple shale. So excited. I do love making things for others. Makes me feel like I made a difference, and used my hands to make others happy. 

   While checking out at Micahels, Mr. Fox calls me. His voice still gives me butterflies.  I love him so much. ” Hey! Whatcha doing?” Again, more buttereflies ” Nothing, at Michales. You?” ” Awe, good!Well there is some kind of festival here in Maumelle on the lake! Come see what it is and update me on the adventure!” One of the many things I love about Mr. Fox. He has always encouraged my adventures.

 So I made my way back home to go investigate what was happening. 

  Food trucks! Team tents! Games! Music! All on the Lake! 

 I love food trucks. The idea is just so cool to me. I dont know why, but it is. 

Driving forever to find a parking spot, my eyes divert to a colorful poster. ” Dragon boat festival, and races!” 

YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!  How much more Viking can you get? Grantide its more Japanes, and Chinese than Viking, but I got a kick out of how they still row to the beat of the drumer on the boat. 

 I found myself a cheese burger, a nice shaded grassy spot, and chilled out to watch the races. I’ve never seen them done, so the whole ordeal was pretty cool to me. 

  After about 30 minutes of  the humidity, I had decided to make my trek back to the car. Nothing is quite as fun without Mr. Fox anyway. But I was ennjoying my time. 

  Half way home I decided that I would work out once more, than go enjoy our appartment hotel. 

I had no idea I was so hot and icky till I got into that pool. Amazing!  I sincerely had forgot how much I love swimming and how good it feels to be back in the water. 

 Swam for longer than I thought. A whole 25 minutes. YAY

 After my nice hot shower, the house was cleaned, also faster than I thought. Parks and rec was put on Netflix, and I crawled into my fluffy robe. 

I was out like a light. 

On the couch.

On my own. 

I found that I do like being by myself. 

Myself is still a work in progress.

This is okay. 

I am growing. 

I am learning.

I can survive, and also thrive on my own. 

I can be happy by myself. 

     – Mrs. Fox Veach