Summer Solstice! 

    What an exciting time in our community as Norse, Heathen, Pagan, Wiccians, and nearly everything else under the sun.

    A Time of more new life, and unity. Bon fires, friends, family, and more. 

This Summer Solstice was sincerely the first one I actuallly got to celebrate. 

    First! I had the honnor of being a part of one of my closest friendls wedding! It was Zelda theme, and it was the bomb-dig-ity. Loads of fun!

  After The Wedding I saw that another of one of my close friends is finally pregnant! Her Husband was an usher in the wedding too!

    Such a fun day!  Wedding, to new little families. A Good start to the Summer Solstice!

 Then! The time I had been waiting for!

    Our fellow Vikings threw a party for one of our brothers!  Another exciting time during the Summer Solstice! 

 I got to be in my relam in Viking garb! 
So That is always fun!I love getting to use our Wedding drinking horns for celebrations! Mr. Fox and I were very much in the realm with our horns. 

   I Also get to be Mr. Fox’s Valkyrie, so that is always an honor as well. 
 The celebration place was absolutley amazing as always! Pool side with drinking horns, and a bon fire! Can’t get any better than this!

TTo begin the Summer Solstice celebration party, Jeremy, And his family, began with fire. Jeremy Lit the way for his family into the woods for the bon fire. He lead he family with the gods. It was soo beautiful. 

 Such a perfect family. 

Every good omen was present that night. 

Odin’s Crows,

Light mist,

Clear night with Stars,

And then my absolute favorite, bright green meteor, and shooting stars. 


 I love this family of mine, viking, buhdists, pagan, heathan family. I would’nt trade them for anything.

Did I metion we all work together? Cops, Fire Fighters, Medics, all together. A Family in every realm.

I love it so.